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Coming Soon, June 2023 – Hold That Thought, 12 Cartoonists on their World of Humor. Edited by David Endelman. Featuring: Isabella Bannerman, Suzy Becker, David Endelman, Jun Frogosa, David Gomberg, Theresa Henry, Ed Himelblau, Catherine Holmes, Beverley Kort, Sam Lay, Rose Anne Prevec, Jim Shoenbill ( )

Originally Published in Narrative Magazine online August 2022
Weekly Humorist May 10th, 2022
Weekly Humorist May 2020

Above drawings from 2020:

I post new drawings most days on my instagram page, link below:

Digital and traditional pen and ink work from 2019 & 2020:

Magazine Work:

Below you will find examples of images completed for numerous magazines published by  Up Here Publishing, Yellowknife, NT and one sample of digital sign art. (Digital artwork completed using Corel Painter and/or Adobe Illustrator.)

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